Connected Services By Toyota

There are many benefits to being a Toyota owner. One of those benefits is getting to utilize Toyota Connected Services: smart technology designed for convenience and usability in your vehicle. Through a suite of smart technology, you’ll stay connected with your vehicle both on and off the road.

Toyota Connected Services was introduced in Summer 2019 and is available in select 2020 or newer models at this time, so you’ll be sure to find this technology in your favourite Toyota vehicle.

Toyota Connected Services offers a wide variety of features, bundled together to provide you with entertainment, assistance, safety and more. Best of all, you’ll be able to manage all of your services through the Toyota app.

The Toyota app provides you with an overview of all Toyota Connected Services. You’ll be able to do things like creating and managing your vehicle profile, set your preferred dealer location and manage alerts sent to your phone. You’ll also be able to keep track of vehicle health information and view when your Toyota is due for service or maintenance. The Toyota app will work in conjunction with Remote Connect services as well.

With Remote Connect, you can control several vehicle functions from wherever you are. For example, if you forget to lock your car, you can do so from your phone. You can also find information on where you last parked your vehicle. You’ll be able to remote start your Toyota as well as set vehicle temperature – ideal for, especially cold or hot days.

Toyota Connected Services also features the Entune 3.0 app suite. Located on your touchscreen infotainment system, you’ll be able to access your media and entertainment in one centralized hub. You’ll be able to program your favourite AM/FM channels and you’ll have access to SiriusXM Radio. SiriusXM offers over 120 channels of music, comedy, sports, talk shows and more, providing you and your passengers with endless entertainment on the road.

If you prefer your own music or podcasts, Entune 3.0 offers Bluetooth capability, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Whether you’re Team iPhone or Team Android, your mobile interface will appear on your infotainment system, allowing for seamless usability with quick access to media, messages and audiobooks. You’ll also be able to utilize your maps and GPS through your mobile device. Accessing your apps is easy: simply use voice prompts through Siri or Google Assistant, so you never even have to take your eyes off the road.

Toyota Connected Services is safety-smart. With the Safety Connect feature, you’ll have access to a 24/7 live response center, where you can speak to an agent whenever you need to. With automatic collision notification, your vehicle will automatically prompt a call to a live center agent and will notify the appropriate emergency services. You can also use Safety Connect to call for emergency roadside assistance or to report vehicle theft.

When it’s time for vehicle maintenance, you can utilize Service Connect. This feature helps to keep your Toyota in top condition, with vehicle health reports, odometer readings, warning light notifications and more. Once you know that your vehicle is due for service, you can take it into your preferred dealer (already set up through Toyota Connected Services) for certified service.

So, how can you take advantage of these amazing Toyota Connected Services features? First, find out which of your favourite Toyota vehicles offer these services by clicking here. Once you’re an owner, you can enroll for Toyota Connected Services quickly and easily.

Using the SOS button in your vehicle, you’ll connect with a live center agent. Once you advise Safety Connect that it is not an emergency, the agent will help you enroll for Toyota Connected Services. There are no costs to enroll, and once you do, you can download the Toyota app and begin utilizing all features.

With Toyota Connected Services, you’ll experience a connected driving experience like no other. And there’s no better team to help you get into a new vehicle like the team at Northside Toyota. Our knowledgeable and friendly Sales team is there to answer all your vehicle questions and get you into the best model for you. Visit us today and find out what the latest Toyota lineup has to offer you!