Changing Lives and Winning Prizes: The Uniting Forces of Northside Toyota, Crimson Ridge, and Forty-Five Social for Movember

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Movember is more than just a month of mustache-growing; it’s a movement to raise awareness about men’s health issues, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health. In an exceptional show of community spirit and solidarity, three prominent local businesses—Northside Toyota, Crimson Ridge, and Forty-Five Social—have teamed up for Movember. They’ve not only joined forces to support the cause but are also adding an exciting twist to motivate donations: anyone contributing to their team will be entered to win fabulous prizes.

The collaboration between Northside Toyota, Crimson Ridge, and Forty-Five Social marks an inspiring commitment to the betterment of men’s health. Each partner brings its own unique contributions to the table.

Northside Toyota: Renowned for its commitment to community engagement and philanthropy, Northside Toyota is a natural champion for this cause. Their support extends beyond contributions; they are generously offering a free detail package as a part of the prize pool. This incentive serves as a wonderful way to encourage donations and participation.

Crimson Ridge: As a local gem known for its scenic golf course and community engagement, Crimson Ridge has stepped up to offer five free rounds of golf as part of the prize package. Golf is an excellent way to unwind, connect with friends, and enjoy some much-needed physical activity. It’s a fantastic prize to inspire more people to get involved.

Forty-Five Social: With a strong online presence and a reputation for connecting the community, Forty-Five Social is contributing its expertise as well. They are offering an Ambassador package to help the team promote the cause online, connect with a broader audience, and share their progress.

This collaboration transcends monetary contributions—it is an embodiment of community spirit. Men’s health issues are often overlooked, and this partnership strives to change that by making the conversation more accessible and encouraging donations.

How to Get Involved

Participating in this remarkable Movember initiative is straightforward:

  1. Visit our Movember team page at
  2. Make a donation to the team. Your contribution will directly support Movember’s mission.
  3. By donating, you automatically enter the draw to win incredible prizes: five free rounds of golf at Crimson Ridge, a free detail package from Northside Toyota, and an Ambassador package from Forty-Five Social.

The partnership between Northside Toyota, Crimson Ridge, and Forty-Five Social for Movember exemplifies the spirit of collective action for a worthy cause. Their innovative approach to encourage donations is a testament to their dedication to improving men’s health. By contributing and helping spread the word, you have the chance to win outstanding prizes while making a meaningful difference in the lives of men facing health challenges. Join this united effort and be a part of changing lives and supporting a brighter, healthier future.