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Seasons Change, So Should Your Tires!

We have Toyota tires and wheels for every season at Northside Toyota! Northside Toyota is happy to offer you a wide range of tires for Cars, SUVs and Trucks at our dealership. We feature a wide-ranging choice of the finest brands, highly competitive pricing, and the expertise to help you choose the perfect products for your needs..

Having the proper car tires for the conditions is important to keep your vehicle safe on the road. While winter snow tires perform well in our cold and snowy northern winters, the same tires in the summer will lead to premature wear and reduced tire performance. All-season tires perform well in a variety of warm-weather conditions, but when temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius, all-weather tires will begin to lose their grip and will not perform as well as snow tires.

At Northside Toyota we carry a variety of both winter and all-season tires to match your needs. Get the best tire advice from your local Toyota Dealer, Northside Toyota.

Choosing tires that provide the best safety and value for your driving conditions is a big decision. In choosing wisely, you should take into account your average annual kilometres driven, and how often you drive in rough conditions: rain, snow, dirt or gravel roads, busy highways, and crowded city streets.

Check Out the 2017 Fall/Winter Mail-in-Rebates

Receive 300 bonus Aeroplan miles with the purchase of a set of 4 winter tires from October 2nd to
November 30th. Offer is only valid if the purchase is made as part of a Customer Repair Order (not over the counter).

Bonus miles are in addition to a limited base offer of 2 miles per $2 spent also from October 2nd to November 30th for any service!